Making vaccination a condition of deployment in care homes: government response

Consultation outcome: Making vaccination a condition of deployment in older adult care homes DHSC undertook thorough analysis of the more than 13,500 consultation responses and considered the feedback received. Overall, the consultation showed that, while a majority (57%) of respondents did not support the proposal, the responses from the adult social care sector were mixed..

Considering plans to vaccinate healthcare workers entering care homes and a further consultation to explore expanding mandatory vaccination to all of social care and healthcare settings, you will want to note that health care providers opposed the original proposal (63%) as did members of the public (77%).

The response contains a break down of the questions as well. Please note, the appendix details what the addition to criterion 10 of the regulations is likely to be. This largely reflects what Nathan Jones circulated last week, but it is worth reading the more formal version (opens new window)