Making a Will

For all of us - whether we are working in care, act as a voluntary carer for a family member or friend, or if we are ourselves a service user - making a will is essential to ensure that you have a voice when you are no longer here to speak for yourself.

Whether you want to make sure that your thanks is expressed after you are gone, that your favourite charities benefit from your savings or that loved ones receive something that will be very special to them, the first step is to get the will written. If you die without making a will, your property and money may not go to the people that you wanted to inherit.

A very helpful fact sheet from Age UK lays out the basics of making a will that can apply to you whatever age you are, and this can be located through the web link below. The fact sheet also covers issues such as mental capacity, and how to appoint the executors to take care of your what happens with your will after you are gone

There are a number of other helpful websites that can guide you around the basics, and of course you can always consult a local law centre or solicitor. It is important, however, that you yourself take charge of what you want to happen with what you leave behind.