London Dignity Champion Development Opportunity

Recent feedback has shown that there is a real demand for more opportunities for Dignity Champions and NHS staff to come together and share learning. In response to this, the Department of Health is keen to support people in the London region interested in taking part in an Action Learning Set focusing on same sex accomdoation and reducing health care associated infection. As well as Dignity Champions, attendees will include staff within London Trusts responsible for delivering this.

What is action learning?

  • Action Learning is a method of problem solving and learning in groups to bring about change for individuals, teams and organisations. People tackle important problems or issues by working in small groups and learn from their attempts to change things.
  • Action Learning works with real problems and activities as raw material for analysis and reflection. Action Learning is a simple idea, however it does require commitment and care to put into practice.
  • A typical Action Learning set will consist of around 6-7 people who commit to work together over a period of time, typically 6-9 months. Learning sets normally meet every 4-6 weeks for 2-3 hours at a time.
  • When members meet they will have the opportunity to 'present' a problem drawn from their own practice. The group then helps the presenter work on that problem through supportive but challenging questioning, encouraging a deeper understanding of the issues involved, a reflective re-assessment of the problem and an exploration of the ways forward.

Who should get involved;

  • All dignity champions in London are invited - particularly those with an interest in delivering same-sex accommodation and reducing health-care acquired infections.
  • If you are a champion and want to meet other champions, if you want to tackle important problems and change things or if you need time to reflect on a problem or explore opportunities then you should get involved.

Get involved, express your interest in attending by emailing Carys will also be happy to answer any of your questions regarding these Action Learning Sets. They will then set up a 1/2 day session with each set, so that you can get to know other people in the set, to give you the knowledge and skills required to work together effectively, and to agree how you will work together going forwards. The first date being tentatively pencilled in is for the morning of 28.01.10. Please indicate whether this date is convenient for you.

It would also be an idea to discuss this with your line manager to ensure their support and agreement to release you to attend.