How will you put the I in Dignity

There are many ways that you can achieve this; through a practical act such as changing the way that you interact with those with whom you come into contact: through promoting the Dignity Dos in your workplace: through challenging undignified statements and actions by others: or by supporting the campaign financially.

The National Dignity Council now has its own Just Giving page (opens new window). As a charity we need funds to maintain the website and to ensure that the resources Champions [and others] need to support them in promoting and protecting the dignity of all. The Just Giving page gives you chance to contribute in a very practical way to this, if every current champion just gave £1 we would have sufficient resources to ensure our future for the next year and maintain and develop our activity profile.

We all believe that promoting dignity, respect and compassion is vital to ensuring positive interactions and interventions, otherwise we wouldn't be Dignity Champions, so we ask again How will you put the I in Dignity.