Help a Friend Or Colleague to Become Computer Literate

As you will all be aware, the ability to use a computer, sending emails and hunting things out online is not easy to come by for all of us. Some of us have a natural ability, some of us take advantage of the free courses offered by local organisations and local authorities, and some of us rely on family or friends to get us started.

This month, why not help out a friend, relative or colleague by sharing out your own knowledge of the benefits of going online?

Access to a computer can be an issue if you don't have one at home - not everyone does. Friends and family can often be helpful in this respect, especially when they are aware that somebody is trying to learn. Every local library will have a bank of computers for public use, although you will need to be registered as a library user in order to access them. Some professional organisations or care homes are increasingly making computer time available for those members of staff wishing to become more accomplished, especially when this can be seen to support their work as a dignity champion.

Obtaining an email account can be done for free through suppliers such as Yahoo, Gmail or BT. You will need to log in to obtain the account and supply only a few details such as name, contact telephone number and geographical area. Computers may be accessed as per the advice above.

Training to use a computer - following your own advice, the basics of computer literacy can also be dealt with by going to your local library where a member of staff will often be available to take you through the basics. Many local councils offer free courses for local people wishing to learn, and if you are unemployed and receiving any form of Jobseekers Allowance then it is worth asking at your local jobcentre if they will pay and arrange for you to take a basic course since basic computing skills can make you more employable.

So do consider giving this a go - and let us know how you get on!