Google Maps - Achievements

Google maps allows champions to search for others. They can search the region they are based in or their interests. The search facility has helped champions gain information and network with others.

This form of networking has reduced the amount of people working in iscolation to overcome and understand issues concerning dignity in care. Google maps is a excellent way to voice opinions and spread the word, this is why we feel that it is an extremely important part of our campaign.

Between Sept 1st & Sept 30th people have used the search for dignity champions using google maps over 11,000 times, this is great and we want to keep this going. Please contact us if you have used google maps to find like minded champions that you are now communicating with, also if you have contacted champions you might otherwise not have found without the google maps facility. We want to know how useful you have found this and if you have set up any networks.

To start using Google Maps follow the link below & dont forget to update your personal details to ensure other champions are seeing the correct information