Good Practice Framework Designed For Champions to Build On

Dignity Champions often write to us with stories of things they have implemented in their place of work. To date, you have been able to view these in the 'Recent successes' & 'In your area' sections of our website. We now have a new home for all your examples of good practice from Health & Social Care. There is now one central place to find ideas that other people have tried & tested and may be of use to you - we call it the Good Practice Framework which has been developed by SCIE for us.

This Good Practice Framework is designed for champions to build on. It allows you to share with other Dignity champions what you have done to improve dignity. At the moment, the Framework has a small number of good practice examples to get you started. This framework has the potential to hold thousands of examples of good practice in Dignity in Care, but it relies on you as dignity champions to share what it is that you are doing in your place of work. Each & every one of you by signing up as a Dignity Champion agreed to improving Dignity in Care in anyway you can. This is one simple & easy way that you can help. Help us show others who want to provide a better service what you have done, so they can improve Dignity in Care where they work. Let's not reinvent the wheel, far better to copy what has worked for others.

The best way to ensure dignity is an aspect of all care given is to learn from each other. Follow the link below to add your examples.

The Good Practice framework helps you to audit your own practice and to share your work through publication on the website. The Good Practice you submit is reviewed by SCIE before being widely shared. Remember that this tool is for health & social care examples.

The Minister for Care Services is in full support of the new Good Practice Framework & encourages you to share what you have been doing so that others can learn from your tried & tested practices.

"The new SCIE Good Practice Framework gives people working in health and social care an opportunity to share their experiences and success - allowing them to learn from each other to ensure dignity is at the heart of the care and support they provide. Please get involved and share your experiences with others so that we can all learn from them."

If you have any questions please give us a call on 0207 9724007 or email