Frontline First - A New Website from the Royal College of Nursing

Frontline First is a new online initiative run by the Royal College of Nursing which will be of interest to our dignity champions involved in healthcare. The Royal College of Nursing are encouraging the sharing of innovation and new ideas between healthcare professionals.

Sandra James, Head of Royal College of Nursing Council, says:-

"As Chair of Royal College of Nursing Council, it makes me hugely proud to know that nursing staff up and down the UK will soon be standing up and sharing their experiences about cuts, waste and innovations. In my role, I've been lucky enough to travel right across the four countries. I've visited hospitals, witnessed superb community care and met inspirational specialist nurses. Frontline First matters to all of these healthcare settings; wherever nursing impacts on patient care, it's the frontline ..........Get involved today using this fabulous new website and help the RCN act as the loudest voice for patients and nursing."

Geraldine Cunningham, the Head of Learning and Development at the Royal College of Nursing, says:-

"Innovations and improvements are essentially about doing things differently. They are about thinking differently about the care/services that you provide as a nurse and changing the way this is done in order to improve patient experience and health outcomes."