Dignity in Care Campaign presents at MyPublicServices - 26 November

We will be using the workshop and creativity and expertise of those attending to seek new and exciting ways of empowering and supporting our public Dignity Champions through the web.

The delegate list for this conference is online at www.mypublicservices.eventbrite.com It includes some of the most innovative and exciting minds in this field and we hope we can attract them to become Dignity Champions for the day and give their knowledge and expertise to help us further the campaign.

Our key questions for the workshop to consider are:

  • How can we turn what is currently a collection of individuals into a truly powerful social movement that collaboratively takes action?
  • Until the public really stand up and say enough is enough services will not make dignity their top priority - How can we engage the wider public in this campaign and find simple ways for them to be able to take action individually and collectively? How can we communicate these ways widely?
  • The political context is uncertain as we move forward. How can we make sure our networks of Dignity Champions are able to continue to gain momentum and stay powerful in the longer term, with or without central Government support?
  • How can we get more people to complete our on-line survey asking 'what are your top 3 dignity in care issues'

You can read more about the campaign and its history to date in the slides below.