Dignity Do's

Those of you who attended the National Conference - the report will be on the website next month, will already be aware that we have changed the Dignity Challenges to the Dignity Dos.

The actual words have not changed but we felt strongly that we need to get more positive about the impact of Dignity. Hence the Dignity Dos - but what we are really interested in is getting a real idea of your Dignity Dones. We learnt about some amazing activity at conference, with Champions working locally to make a real difference to people's lives. There were so many times we overheard conversations that included the phrase -" that's such a good idea I'm taking that back to my organisation". We want you and the world to be much more positive about Dignity and one of the ways of making our voices stronger is to be prouder of what we have achieved.

Small things do make a difference and we want to share your experiences and the messages that you spread locally.

So get in touch there are three ways, via the Facebook Page (opens new window), via info@dignityincare.org.uk or via the discussion forum on the website. You may think your idea is common sense and not worth shouting about but you'd be surprised.