Dignity Champions

Many of our Champions are only in touch with those people within their own organisations. To be able to exchange ideas and work practices with fellow interested people can help to drive our message to a higher level and there is always 'strength in numbers'.

Are you able to help establish a local network of like-minded Champions to exchange ideas and take away that feeling of isolation? If you are interested and feel able to take an active role please get in touch at info@dignityincare.org.uk

An audit of our contacts for the various Networks around the country has identified many which either no longer exist or contain email details which are out of date and therefore do not enable us to make contact.

If you are a Network Lead of an existing network would you please check that the details held on the website are still relevant. We would like to know

  • Who can join the network - if it is a closed group, please be very clear about why.
  • Who the contact person is, is there a back up contact person - including email addresses
  • The nature of the network, -its purpose or aim
  • How activity will be communicated
  • The geographical area covered.

If you are not a Network Lead but know who is then please let them know.