Dignity Champion of the month - July 2012

We are delighted to announce, that Rebecca Banner, Health Care Assistant at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch, is our Dignity Champion for July.

Rebecca was nominanted by her colleague, Karen Titley, Junior Sister at the hospital, which is part of the Worcestershire Acute Hospital Trust. Karen herself became a Dignity Champion several years ago following her attendance at a Dignity conference in London, and since that time she has been actively striving to promote dignity in care.

Karen said,
"Rebecca has been assisting me by encouraging all members of staff, including students on placement, to sign up as Dignity Champions. She has stressed to everyone the importance of providing dignity to everyone, patients, relatives, friends, carers and all members of staff.

"Following her determination our ward - ward 14, is the first ward in the hospital to have everyone signed up as a Dignity Champion including our ward clerk, house-keeper and our volunteers. This was acknowledged recently in the hospital's Connect magazine.

"Rebecca was given a small thank-you gift from myself for all her help, however, I would be delighted if she could also be a Dignity Champion of the month."

Well done, Rebecca, and thanks also to Karen and all in ward 14 for your championing of the cause.

Do you know someone who deserves to be Dignity Champion of the month? Send your nominations to us in an email with 150 words describing how they've shown Dignity in Care.