Dignity Champion Google Map search facility

Google maps has recently been launched on the website. This will allows you as a Dignity Champion to identify other champions who live or work in the same area or share the same interests. This facility enables you to contact other champions so you can set up your own networks to share information and practice or to work together on a particular priority or to collectively solve a problem. Networks could be face to face or even virtual using social networking sites eg. MySpace, Facebook or Twitter. Examples of networks might be champions who are care home managers, champions who all work at the same hospital, or champions who all have an interest in an aspect of care eg. continence, nutrition, dementia care.

This has been an important development for the campaign. To date, many of you have been working in isolation. We hope that by enabling you to get in touch with each other you will start to be able to take local collective action and to create and sustain your own local networks. We are hoping this will substantially increase the power and voice of the campaign. We are fast approaching 9,000 Dignity Champions across the country - you are all doing what you can independently to make a difference locally - but imagine what affect your combined intelligence, energy and creativity could bring.