Dignity Board response to CQC dignity and nutrition report

The Dignity in Care Partnership Board supported by the DoH, were very disheartened to learn that in 2011 there are still hospitals failing to meet the essential standards required by law, in regard to dignity and nutrition of older people.

The Board is made up of passionate people who have dignity at the heart of all they do and since the Dignity in Care Campaign was launched in 2006 are pleased to announce that more than 30,000 people have now signed up to become dignity champions. A Dignity Champion is someone who believes passionately that being treated with dignity is a basic human right, not an optional extra. They believe that health/care services must be compassionate, person centred, as well as efficient, and are willing to work with professionals to achieve this. We ask where are the dignity champions in these failing hospitals? What is their culture? The key elements that every hospital must have in place are a compassionate staff culture which is driven by strong leadership and supported by good systems.

If the ethos and clear directives of the 'dignity challenge' were operative in these failing hospitals, then maybe these inexcusable practices, reported by CQC would be eradicated.

The members of the Dignity Partnership Board are all committed to actively supporting these and any other health/care settings in upholding the principles of the dignity challenge and will be following up the reports on a local as well as a national level. There are already in place a number of resources that would support staff and organizations in improving their approach in the area of nutrition and respect, along with other standards.

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