Dignity Action Day - Have You Got Time For Digni-Tea?

There are only 92 days to go to Dignity Action Day 2015. We will be launching our own countdown at the beginning of December, but now is the time to get planning and think about what you are going to.

If you are stuck for ideas, there are lots on the website memory book page, so have a look and get planning. Last year saw lots of activities during the month of February and it is clear that the event sparked fresh interest in the Dignity in Care campaign, as well as giving services a chance to open their doors to the local community. As we said last time, we are continuing with our theme of Time for Digni-Tea which gives you the chance to try all sorts of ways of getting involved. Have a cup of tea with someone you haven't seen for some time; hold a tea dance; make a cup of tea or coffee a theme of your open day.