Dignity Action Day 25 Feb - Pledges come flooding in already

Hundreds of people have already requested copies of the Staff and Community Dignity Action Day Resource Packs and people are already starting to pledge their activities online.

Those pledges are wide ranging and include:

  • Farleigh Hospice in Chelmsford which will be hosting a poetry/short story competition in which staff are asked to write from a patients/ carers perspective, putting themselves in the patients shoes. Service users will judge the winner and all poems/short stories will be displayed in a public area and published in their newsletter.
  • Parkside Care Home in Wombwell, are to hold a Remembrance Day for residents, relatives, staff and visitors. Refreshments will be served and members of the public who are interested in reminiscing particularly VE day are welcome to join in.
  • Seckford Day Centre, in Woodbridge is setting up an afternoon where any individual from the Residential Home, Very Sheltered accommodation or Day Centre can attend for nail care and a soothoing hand massage.
  • Others have pledged to take the day off work to spend quality time with family members, teach people how to use the internet, provide massage and pet therapy, host coffee mornings and open days and be available for respite care.

See more pledges to give you ideas on our Dignity Action Day pages by clicking on our interactive map.

And remember to upload your pledge onto the site once you have decided what you will do in support of Dignity Action Day on 25 February.