Dignity Action Day - 1st Feb 2024

This annual event that provides everyone with the opportunity to celebrate Dignity and the actions that they take to ensure that Dignity is experienced by those with whom they interact.

On the 1st of February or at any time during February MAKE TIME FOR DIGNITY.

Dignity need not cost money, but it does take time, and that is a precious resource and gift that we can give to others. Whether its making someone’s long time wish come true, or providing an event such as a tea dance, special event, or just celebrating what you do everyday that makes people’s lives worthwhile and offers them respect and enhances their self esteem.

February is a great opportunity to show you care, and if you can raise funds for the Campaign at the same time, that would be tremendous -  we have loads of resources on the website.

Our online event

As part of their celebration of Dignity Action Day the National Dignity Council are holding a web event.

This is the first in a year of events where we are focussing on MAKING THE INVISIBLE VISIBLE. There are many people who need support who do not feel that their voices are heard and are forced to accept services that don’t fully meet their needs, or aspirations.  This is the first event in highlighting those issues.