Digital Mental Health tools for enhanced care

Analysis from the Nuffield Trust showed that in 2020 there was a 39% decrease in referrals to NHS-funded mental health services during a period when demand was intensifying.

How did the NHS respond and meet the demands of those in need of mental health care?

National Health Executive put together this free toolkit that looks at:

  • Evidence-Based Insights: Uncover comparative insights on digital interventions versus traditional therapy, paving the way for groundbreaking mental health solutions.
  • Blended Therapy Solutions: Explore new programs on the SilverCloud platform catering to diverse mental health needs, empowering both clinicians and patients.
  • Continuous Improvement and Sustainability: Learn how digital interventions offer ongoing support, preventing relapse and easing staff burdens beyond the treatment period.
  • Streamlined Administration and Data Security: Experience streamlined administrative tasks and enhanced data security with the SilverCloud platform, ensuring a smooth journey for all.
  • Future Innovations Unveiled: Dive into the potential of digital tools to revolutionize mental health care.

Download the toolkit (opens new window)