Celebration of the 100,000th Dignity Champion

In April this year the 100,000th Champion had registered on the site. It had been hoped to make a presentation to that person today but for a number of reasons that had not proved possible.  However, Jan showed the meeting the heart that we would be awarding, which everyone thought was wonderful, and Liz advised the meeting that the person in question was Jodie Breed. Jodie works at Berry Hill Park residential and nursing home in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.  Liz asked Jodie to tell her why she had become a Dignity Champion. She said,

“The reason I became a Dignity Champion, where do I start?

I have been caring for the elderly, for ten years now. I believe that is it important to understand each individual's needs and preferences are vital to ensure that their care is delivered appropriately and in the way that suits them. Maintaining respect and recognising their right to privacy, gives them a more relaxing atmosphere whilst dealing with day to day activities.

I aim to provide each individual with as much support as they require, whilst creating opportunities for them to remain independent as much as possible. Having a caring and understanding approach, gives a person centred feel, especially through difficult times in their lives which, lets face it, can be embarrassing and distressing.

I aim to ensure that every person I care for are as comfortable as possible and feel like they are able to spend their days in a warm and loving environment, I see it as I work in their home, so remember to be respectful of themselves, their families and their personal property. I see the people I care for as my family and treat them as I would my own, and I really hope they feel the same way about me.”

The meeting felt that Jodie had really summed up what it meant to apply the 10 Dignity Do’s in practice.  Arrangements will be made to get the heart crystal to Jodie.