Care Home Open Day, June 16th 2017

The National Dignity Council welcomes the opportunity to support this year’s Care Home Open Day, to be held on June 16th.

The theme this year is that of Friendship, many of those who are isolated in the community are in that position because of the difficulty of making friends, or because they find it hard to maintain contacts with friends. This also applies to those living in care settings.

One of the factors that give us all quality of life and enable us to feel valued as individuals comes through our relationship with others. Friendship can take many forms, from incidental contact to lifelong and meaningful partnerships.

Dignity and respect are fundamental to meaningful friendships, and we urge everyone to get involved, just a smile or a kind word can make a world of difference to someone who is feeling low and undervalued. Remember if you think that as an individual you can’t make a difference, think of the power of a single mosquito.