Cambridgeshire Community Study - 'Unsung heroes in a changing climate'

Cambridgeshire Older People's reference group (COPRG) is a self governing community group that is run by older people fr older people. COPRG aim to stengthen the voice of older people across the county by supporting community groups, advising and assisting service providers in the statutory and helping voluntary and commercial sectors work together.

In 2006 COPRG representatives undertook a number of visits around the counties villages in different types of care settings and learned of the isolation of residents from the mainstream village, neighbourhood life. After finding this information out they decided to learn more about the involvement of older people in community groups and use the study to provide evidence to policy makers.

The groups studied were split into three:

  • Self help groups which older people re involved
  • Faith and church supported groups
  • Groups run by specialist organisation groups

Read the summary report below for more information.