BBC Panorama programme - Undercover Hospital Abuse Scandal

The National Dignity Council (whilst recognising that there are two sides to every story) are appalled by the events that unfolded on this weeks Panorama programme (opens new window)

We are often asked why we still need the Dignity Campaign, this is why

Practice that is cruel and abusive is never acceptable and as Dignity Champions we must speak out and prevent it happening.  Treating people with respect, kindness, compassion and respecting their dignity does not cost anything.  If we respect the value of the individual and treat them in a person-centred way then we can work together to develop a system that enables everyone in our Society to contribute and develop to their full potential. 

The National Dignity Council call for all committed organisations to come together to collectively seek and enact solutions that present a united approach to encourage good practice and eliminate such atrocities.

Dignity Champions must speak out and ensure that bad practice is eradicated, and that we have no further incidences of such behaviours in our care system.

If you care become one of the 120,000 champions who are working hard to ensure that good practice is valued and poor practice eliminated.

The Dignity in Care Campaign has ten statements or Dos that sum up what we champions believe and live by.  Join the campaign and make a difference.