Alzheimer's as seen by a Patient who is also a Doctor

The Doctor comments that before his diagnosis he was certainly familiar with the disease, having seen patients with Alzheimer's over the years in his medical practice. However, he says that he was slow to suspect his own affliction although he has now been diagnosed.

He gives advice such as to carry a small book and write notes whenever there's something you want to recall later. When you cannot remember a name, make a joke and ask the person to repeat it, then write it down. Read books. Take walks. If you cannot walk, exercise in bed. He advises others with the condition not to withdraw from your friends and your family, and says that this is advice that he has had to learn the hard way. "Afraid of being pitied, I tried to keep my condition a secret, and that meant pulling away from people I cared about. But now that I've decided to be open, I've been gratified to see how accepting people are and how willing to assist."

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