Action on nutrition could help save millions

The NICE Guideline CG32 "Nutrition support in adults: oral nutrition support, enteral tube feeding and parenteral nutrition" has been around since 2006. It covers the care of patients with malnutrition or at risk of malnutrition, whether they are in hospital or at home. It doesn't cover malnutrition or its treatments in detail.

Costs arising from this guideline include improving systematic screening, assessment and treatment of malnourished patients. If the guideline was fully implemented it would result in better nourished patients then this would lead to reduced complications such as secondary chest infections, pressure ulcers, wound abscesses and cardiac failure. Conservative estimates of reduced admissions and reduced length of stay for admitted patients, reduced demand for GP and outpatient appointments indicate signficant savings are possible.


  • Look at the guideline and undertake the costing exercise to identify possible savings in your area
  • Bring this to the attention to your senior managers/Trust Board/PCT/Council if this is not already being implemented
  • If you have successfully implemented this guideline and achieved savings, can you share what you have done through the QIPP Library (see link below) to help others