Neglect: The Hidden Abuse

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Understanding and recognising the impactful nature of neglect on a child’s life. Learning how to spot the signs and symptoms of neglect including affluent neglect and how this can be managed within your setting. As well as practical exercises of how to gain support for the child. This course is designed for all people working closely with children in a wide range of settings. It will help you to identify, often the hidden abuse which comes with neglect and understanding the importance of spotting and recording all signs.

We will also cover the relatively unknown factor of affluent neglect and its equally impactful nature on a child’s life. The course will look closely at disguised compliance and appreciate why it is so harmful for a child. We will look at a wide range of realistic scenarios which will equip staff with the skills and how best to respond in such situations, as well as how to access support for both the child and staff if required.


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