National Dignity Council AGM & Discussion: The trouble with Dignity

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Virtual online event.

The Annual General Meeting of The National Dignity Council will take place at 12pm-1pm on 18th October 2023.   Anyone is welcome to attend but only Trustees will have the power to vote on any resolutions.

The meeting will be followed 1pm-3pm (feel free to join us at this point) by a discussion... 

THE TROUBLE WITH DIGNITY – we need to have a conversation.

It has continued to be apparent that despite a strong commitment to Dignity and ensuring that Dignified Practice is achieved, many people don’t understand the concept.

Yes they can talk about the need to treat people with respect and to not discriminate but what Dignity actually looks like in practice is often hard to put into words.

It therefore seemed like a good opportunity to have an open discussion around the topic, to share thoughts and ideas and hopefully through that conversation start to put some strength behind the concept of Dignity and Dignified Practice.

Please note you will be asked to make a donation but this can be as little as £1 and will be  used to cover the costs of the Zoom licence and making the recording of the event available.