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Added on 23/09/2008

Dictionary definitions describe dignity as: 'a state, quality or manner worthy of esteem or respect; and (by extension) self-respect.' Dignity in Care, therefore, means the kind of care which supports and promotes, and does not undermine, a person's self-respect.

It includes providing an environment, and the necessary actions, to assist people to maintain autonomy, control and a quality of life that can reasonably be expected by anyone within our society, regardless of any difference.

Warrington Borough Council is the only authority to have received Beacon Status for Dignity in Care. We recognise that, alongside other authorities, we are on a journey to improve service user experience of care, addressing all aspects of dignity and respect.

With increasing demand on services and limitations on available resources, we have developed a range of wider social care market approaches with a focus on developing capacity and quality assurance. We welcome the national debate and increased focus on Dignity in Care issues.


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Contact: Amanda Brown, Service Manager / Beacon Co-ordinator, Performance and Service Development, Policy and Performance Business Unit, Warrington Borough Council. Tel: 01925 444242, Fax: 01925 446175


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