Making dignity fun

17/05/17 - 07:53
stewart robson
Hello guys.. I promote dignity in a 75 beded nusing home and Im looking for a way to promote dignity in a fun but useful way any tips
Many thanks


Re: Making dignity fun
18/05/17 - 07:53
Darran Bolas
Dignity is at the heart of everything we do. I am the Registered Manager for a Nursing Home in Whitchurch Shropshire, we to promote dignity in a positive manner with respect and compassion. Dignity doesn't have to be noticeable, a simple smile and gesture of happiness. I believe, that if the service is joyful and creative with constant personal activities and meaningful activity, then your doing it right!! a calm atmosphere with individual imagination and setting a scene of belonging is the key to happiness. a useful tool to promote and display is signing people up to be "Dignity in care champions" this is meaningful, promotes people as individuals, embeds the 10 challenges and allows people views to be heard, listened and respected.

Hope this does give you some help
Darran Bolas
Re: Making dignity fun
19/05/17 - 12:42
Neil Tretheway
I have always liked delivering dignity in Dining
Re: Making dignity fun
19/05/17 - 17:58
Neil Purcell
HI Neil,
Yes very easy to make the dining experience more enjoyable,getting like minded clients with same interests sitting together also making sure drinks are easily within reach and any special adapted cutlery/crockery for clients with arthritis in their hands,this can encourage clients with their eating and drinking .

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