The Continuing Work of the Caring, Creative Company


Pauline Newsome spearheads this B.I.G Idea which was put forward to create an activity area for the 150 Elderly patients in Beckett Wing at St.James Hospital, including a multi-function area that will offer social interaction from volunteers, with a number of activities including complimentary therapies,crafts and company. The aim is to provide stimulation and provide levity to a stressful environment, improving mood and motivation

Pauline has approached one of the local colleges to provide a hairdressing services to the older people in Beckett Wing, so that the younger generation would have the opportunity to engage with the older ones, improving respect and dignity, but red tape abounds. Pauline and her team are looking for volunteers to improve someones self esteem by doing some hairdressing for a patient in Beckett Wing, St James Hospital in Leeds, and can be contacted via the weblink below. Adele and Philip, current volunteers in the scheme, often comment how appreciated the team all feel, giving their time to people, who benefit from the human touch.

To read more on this scheme, including details from service users including George and Olive, please follow the weblink below.