Dignity in Care - Your right to be respected

Added on 07/10/2007
Updated on 07/11/2008

This 18 minute video podcast is an introduction to the Dignity Campaign. It is a conversation between Ruth Eley, CSIP's National Programme Lead for Older and Disabled People, and two people who have each tried to improve the care and treatment that older people receive. They are Dorothy Runnicles, an Old Age Activist from the East of England, who describes her personal experiences of not being treated with dignity and the ways in which she is trying to combat ageism and improve services; and Chris Wilkinson, the Director of Nursing in a busy acute hospitals Trust, who describes how she uses both her professional experience and her senior position within the organisation to make sure Dignity is central to policy and practice.

It is designed for you to use online or as a download to support local training. It can also be used to raise awareness in teams, business meetings, conferences and other events. For further information on the Dignity campaign, or to obtain a DVD copy of this video please contact Ruth Eley ruth.eley@dh.gsi.gov.uk or Marion Gee mailto:marion.gee@eastmidlands.csip.nhs.uk or Tom Loader tom.loader@dh.gsi.gov.uk


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