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Added on 10/08/2008
Updated on 01/05/2014


The Regional Dignity Leads are stepping down now and handing the dignity baton over to you.

I have been in post since August 2009 and it has been the most fantastic experience working with so many committed dignity champions. There have been many of you who have consistently helped me by sending information at short notice, keeping me up to date, helping at events and helping with projects.

Dignity Networks

The Dignity Network page on the web site is populated with examples of dignity networks across the region. This is so important to populate so that dignity champions have the opportunity of seeing where there are groups that they may like to contact in the future. Please, would all those who are facilitating meetings/forums etc where dignity is the main focus, add details of these to the national web site network page. Examples would be essence of care meetings; dignity champions support meetings, quality meetings, training sessions, resident meetings, carer support networks etc. This is really important in order to support local dignity champions and sustain and expand on the excellent work that has occurred over the last few years.

Good practice and success stories

To share your good practice and success stories, please contact us.


The SCIE evaluation of the dignity campaign clearly highlighted how successful the campaign has been. I think there is one particular piece of evidence that stands out for me and that is leaders emerging, often from very junior positions. I think this has happened because the campaign has empowered champions and they are so passionate about improving care. Dignity Action Day

Firstly I'd like to say a huge 'well done' to everyone who participated in any activity in relation to Dignity Action Day. I went on the Dignity website the day before and was amazed by how many different activities were happening across the region from older people celebration events to visiting a donkey sanctuary - there were some fantastic ideas.

I was fortunate to attend an event led by the Bradford Dignity Network at the Midland hotel and what a great afternoon it was. There was representation from local councillors, the mayor of Bradford and Karen Dooley attended from the DH. There were around 70 older people and we had fun doing a quiz as well as hearing stories from the groups we sat with. We finished a fantastic afternoon with a cream tea and a sing song.

The weblink for further info is



Dignity Champions

We have almost doubled the amount of dignity champions set for the region smashing the DH target 1198 by end of April. By March 1st we were up to 1951, with 88 new champions signing up in the last week of February.

Spirituality and Safety

In February I attended and helped facilitate one of the Intergenerational Spirituality and Safety events with Indergit Bhogal and the Faith Forum. This was a great event that looked at how different faiths can work together to support dignity. Several outcomes from the day will be forwarded to the final event in Leeds for discussion. We also signed up a further 6 dignity champions on the day.

Keep up the great work!

Kind regards

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