London Dignity Champions Network

Added on 08/08/2008
Updated on 20/05/2010

The Dignity in Care Reference Group, Chaired by Jean Daintith, Executive Director Housing Health and Adult Social Care, Kensington and Chelsea, on behalf of London ADASS, has held it's first meeting. The members of the group are senior managers, from social care and health organisations who commission, provide and/or manage services.

The purpose of the group is to work with Directors of Services in the London Region to help them meet their own aspirations to commission and provide high quality services that preserve and enhance the dignity of all who use them.

The Dignity Campaign, including the excellent website, is welcomed as a clear and helpful way to describe what dignified services are like and an opportunity for managers and staff to work with those who use services to improve standards .

The Reference Group is keen to make sure that Dignity Champions request, made at the London Conference in November 2009, that links are established between dignity champions and local borough networks, becomes a reality. Annie Callanan is working with Jean Daintith and Directors to make that happen.

The work to improve commissioning and management of services builds on the excellent work being done by dignity champions. Local managers within services will continue to use the Dignity website and service specific audit tools to improve services as well as continuing to share good practice and advice.

By working at a senior level across London, the reference group aims to bring the work of the dignity campaign together with strategic planning and management so that Dignity in Care is part of all commissioning and management decisions.

Annie can be contacted on

0207 217 3055

07917 521 864