East Midlands Region - Dignity Tour

Added on 30/08/2008

On 14th July the Minister visited Leicestershire for his second regional visit to the East Midlands region

The Minister visited Leicestershire County Council to hear about the joint partnership work between University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust, Leicestershire and Rutland PCT, and Leicestershire Council

The Minister was greeted by Mick Connell, Director of Adult Social Care and Health, Leicestershire County Council, and Councillor David Sprason, Lead Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health at Leicestershire County Council

As part of the visit Minister was shown the SIGNAL bus. The SIGNAL project began in North West Leicestershire in February 2003 providing equipment to people with memory loss, and their carers, to help manage some of their practical difficulties and minimise risks. Equipment includes such things as calendar clocks to help with orientation, medication prompters, and water over-flow alarms. Aside from simple, stand alone items, Signal promotes devices that link into community alarm services, such as alarms on doors, fall detectors, smoke detectors.

He then heard presentations from organisations taking forward key work on dignity within the region and joined a roundtable discussion with key local stakeholders and decision makers.

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