East Midlands Dignity Champions Network

Added on 10/08/2008
Updated on 22/11/2011

Welcome to the East Midlands Dignity in Care Campaign.

EMAS NHS Trust has adopted the Dignity Challenge and the whole Trust Board has become Dignity Champions. There are Dignity Champions in Senior Management roles across the Trust and in our Education Centres, Control and support functions.

A publicity campaign using posters, cards and bulletins is underway to inform frontline staff of the Dignity Challenge across the whole of EMAS NHS Trust.

Dignity in Care has been included as a session in the Innovation module of Essential Education which will be delivered to all staff by the end of March 2011.

Each division of the Trust has a Learning Review Group and additionally there is a bimonthly Strategic Learning Review Group. These groups which include Dignity Champions among the membership provide forums for sharing good practice and innovations across the Trust.

Some examples of innovation and collaborative inter agency working within EMAS NHS Trust include:

Police Autism Card-Northamptonshire Division is working with Northamptonshire Police towards developing an Autism Alert card. People with Autism will be able to register with the scheme and if they do, will be given a card with a specific i.d. number. If a patient is found by Police/Ambulance staff to have a card, staff will be able by using the i.d. number to gain essential information to assist in the approach to and treatment of that person. A similar scheme in which EMAS NHS Trust has been involved with the local authorities in Leicestershire is the Keep Safe Cards scheme which can be carried for example by people with Learning Difficulties.

A Falls Pathway has also been developed for P.T.S.(Patient Transport Services) staff, in addition to the existing Falls Pathway open to A&E staff in Northamptonshire. PTS staff often see people on a daily basis, many of whom have lowered mobility. This pathway which allows staff to make referrals of patients at risk of falls, provides a preventative measure to ensure that every effort is made to minimise injury through falls.

PTS staff are also able with the patient's permission to refer them to the fire service where a potential fire risk is identified. The risk may be due to hoarding, or lack of a smoke alarm. The Fire brigade on receipt of the referral can then call on the patient, perform a safety review and take any preventative measures.

Fridge pots. A number of Divisions are working with specific groups within the field of medicine management. These fridge pots will hold specific information in the same way as the Alert card.

EMAS NHS Trust Community Engagement Co-ordinators are involved in schemes with local groups aimed to increase understanding of needs and adjustments required to ensure our service is accessible to all.

The Organisational Learning Team with EMAS NHS Trust is championing the Dignity Challenge agenda in a variety of ways:

The EMAS NHS Trust learning Disability Forum, is a collaborative group made up of EMAS Learning Disability Leads, Community Learning Disability Facilitators and a Hospital Nurse Specialist. The Forum meets every month and the notes from the meeting have now been written in an easy read format. The format was produced following reference to the 'Mencap The voice of learning disability guide' is available at the website link below.

The OL Team initiated a trust wide learning Disability awareness campaign. This included a station poster ' what if your next patient has a learning disability' that raised awareness of communication challenges; a pocket prompt that reiterated the poster and had six emergency communication symbols on its reverse and a laminated communication sheet for each emergency vehicle that had 56 communication symbols for clinicians.

The East Midlands Ambulance Service frequent caller project has been operating since February 2009 and aims to identify and manage individuals who make 6 or more calls in 1 month or who have complex health and social care needs. For more information see the document attached below.