Taking forward the Dignity in Care Campaign in your region

Added on 08/08/2008
Updated on 13/05/2010

To support Dignity Champions to have an impact locally each Government Office Region has its own Dignity Champions network and Regional Dignity Lead.

This part of the Dignity Champions website provides information for Dignity Champions about what is happening on dignity in care in their area and how they can get involved.

By going to the relevant regional page Dignity Champions will find:

  • Contact details for their local Regional Dignity Lead;
  • information about any forthcoming conferences or networking events in their region;
  • latest news on dignity in the region;
  • stories from fellow Dignity Champions in the region; and
  • locally used resources and best practice.

From September 2009 Dignity Champions are now able to see who else is registered as a Dignity Champion in their area. To do this please use the Dignity Champions search page.

All Dignity Champions are encouraged to share their stories, best practice and news with their regional dignity lead so it can be posted on their regional page and shared with others locally.