Forum Help


How do I post a message?

You must login to post a message. The login fields are at the foot of the topic thread (messages). Once logged in you can create and post your message.

My login fails?

  1. If you've not registered on the Dignity in Care network website before please register.
  2. If you've registered but forgotten your password click the 'forgotten password' option.

How do I join a restricted forum?

Visit the restricted forum and login using your Dignity in Care network login details. If you've not previously registered you'll need to complete the website registration step by step. Once you've logged in you can apply to join to forum.

How do I receive updates via email?

You must be a registered user of the Dignity in Care network website. The email address that you use to register will be used for all email messaging.

Setting your forum email preferences:
Go to the forum for which you'd like to subscribe. Edit your settings at the foot of the topic list.

Top Tip: A quick way to subscribe to a number of our forums is to amend your settings in Your details

Email Options:

No Email
Choose this option if you would prefer to read and reply to messages online.

Abridged Daily Email
A daily email will be sent listing new topics that have been posted on the forum. Where there has been no activity an email will not be sent. You cannot reply to messages from this email.

Every Message
When a new message is posted in the forum a copy will be sent to your email address. You can reply to each message via email.

What is 'Subscribe to receive email replies to your post'?

Choose this option if you'd only like to receive updates for a single topic.

How do I post a new topic via email?

Each forum has a unique email address to start a new topic simply send an email to your forum's email address. The subject of you email will become the topic title.

How do I reply to messages via email?

Your email preferences must be set to receive 'Every Message'. When a message arrives in your inbox you can simply reply using the reply button on the email.

How do I attach a document?

Via email
Add the file as an attachment in your email.

Select the 'Add attachment' button on the post. Browse to your file and submit.

Please note: All attachments must be approved by the forum moderator before they are available for download by other users.

How do I attach more than one document?

You can attach multiple documents by selecting the add attachment button.