Response to CQC DIgnity and Nutrition Inspection Programme


National Dignity Partnership Board: Dignity in our hearts, minds and actions

Response to CQC DIgnity and Nutrition Inspection Programme

The issue Action to improve care for older people

Call to action

All Dignity Champions to continue to lead by example and promote excellence in service delivery.

Jan Burns Chairman of the Board said:

The National Dignity Partnership Board joins with other members of the Dignity and Nutrition Inspection Advisory Group in deploring any care that falls below the essential standards required by law.

We believe the best way forward is to highlight those staff within hospitals who go that extra mile to deliver the best possible care, capture what they do, and inspire others to learn from them.

The National Dignity Partnership Board's mission is 'Dignity in our hearts, minds and actions" We, therefore, urge the thousands of Dignity Champions working within hospitals to keep leading by example, drive up those standards and ensure that all patients are valued and treated with the greatest respect across every area of their care.

If you are not already a champion please follow the link below and sign up today!!

-Notes to editors - For further information please contact:

Jan Burns

Independent Chair of The National Dignity Partnership Board

Tel 07800807151

Jill Fraser

Member Spokesperson and member of The National Dignity Partnership Board

Tel 07831136152

What is a Dignity Champions -

A Dignity Champion is someone who believes passionately that being treated with dignity is a basic human right, not an optional extra. They believe that care services must be compassionate, person centred, as well as efficient, and are willing to try to do something to achieve this.

The National Dignity Partnership Board. was established by the DoH in 2007. It meets bi monthly and its members are made up of a range of representatives who share an extensive level of knowledge, skills and expertise in driving forward and promoting dignity.