Bright Ideas Grant (BIG) Small Ideas - Big Difference


B.I.G is about finding bright ideas about care and helping people put their ideas into practice to prove they work.

We need to think differently and find new, better ways of doing things if our health and social care services are to meet the Dignity Challenge we face in the future. Everyday, people working in, using or visiting care services, have bright ideas, often about very simple things that could be changed or done differently, but they rarely get the chance to test them out.

B.I.G is a £50K fund aimed at helping unlock the potential of those hundreds of small ideas and giving people the helping hand they need to prove their idea works and share it widely.

You can take part in B.I.G today by:
• Submitting your idea for funding and help from B.I.G.
• Voting on which idea(s) you think should get a share of our £50K fund.
• Offering your help to ideas needing a helping hand.
• Commenting on an idea to help improve it's chances of being a success.
• Spreading the word to your family, friends and colleagues

Find out more about our Bright Ideas Grant below